Process flow of sheet metal processing

- 2022-07-19-

The technological process of sheet metal processing refers to the whole process of gradually changing the shape, size, material properties or assembly and welding of parts in a certain order in the production process until the sheet metal parts that meet the shape and size requirements are manufactured. For a more complex structural part, its production and processing generally go through these processes.

1. Blanking: There are many methods of blanking, mainly as follows
① Shearing machine: It is a simple material, mainly used for die blanking and forming, with low cost and low precision of 0.2, but it can only process non-porous and corner-free strips or blocks.
②Punching machine: After using the punching machine to unfold the parts on the board in one or more steps, the flat board is cut into material parts of various shapes. Its advantages are short time-consuming, high efficiency, high precision and low cost. Suitable for mass production, but the mold should be designed.
③NC blanking: When NC blanking, the first thing to do is to write a CNC machining project, and use programming software to write the drawn unfolding into a program that can be recognized by the NC digital drawing machine, allowing it to gradually cut various shapes on the plate according to these programs. The flat plate, but its structure is affected by the tool structure, the cost is low, and the precision is high 0.15.
④Laser cutting: Laser cutting is to cut the structure and shape of the plate on a large plate by laser cutting. The NC laser program also needs to be written, and it can cut plates of various complex shapes, with high cost and high precision of 0.1.
⑤ Sawing machine: mainly use aluminum profiles, square tubes, drawing tubes, round bars, etc., with low cost and low precision.

2. Flip: Also known as hole extraction and flip, it is to enter a slightly larger hole on a smaller base hole, and then tap it. It is mainly processed by sheet metal with a thinner plate thickness to increase its strength and thread ring to avoid sliding teeth , generally used for thin plate thickness, normal shallow turning around the hole, basically no change in thickness, when the thickness is allowed to be thinned by 30-40%, a height of 40-60% higher than the normal flanging height can be obtained. When it is 50%, a large flanging height can be obtained. When the plate thickness is large, such as plate thickness above 2.0, 2.5, etc., it can be directly tapped.

3. Punching machine: The die forming process is adopted. Generally, the punching machine has processing methods such as punching, corner cutting, blanking, bumping, punching and tearing, punching, and forming. The processing requires the corresponding die to complete the punching and blanking die. , convex bag mold, tearing mold, punching mold, forming mold, etc., mainly pay attention to the position and direction.

4. Riveting: Riveting mainly includes riveting nuts, screws, loosening, etc. The operation is completed by a hydraulic riveting machine or punch, riveted to sheet metal parts, and there is a riveting method, and the direction should be paid attention to.

5. Bending: 2D flat plates are folded into 3D parts. Its processing needs to be completed with a folding bed and a corresponding folding mold, and there is also a certain folding sequence. The principle is to fold first, do not interfere with the next knife, and then fold.

Generally speaking, specific to the processing technology of all sheet metal parts, it is often not completed by a blanking and stamping workshop, and many parts may also be interspersed with machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., and cross-workshop and cross-departmental work guidance It is controlled by its corresponding process content, but in different industries, products produced by dry and processing habits are different, especially in processing.For sheet metal components with low technical requirements and low complexity, a comprehensive process flow is often compiled to guide the production.