Precautions when installing the standard mold frame

- 2022-08-26-

Injection molding mold processing plant should pay attention to the following matters when installing the standard mold frame:

1) Standard mold embryo shall not be affected by the spacing of the injection machine tie;

2) The positioning of the positioning of the pore and the positioning ring must be well matched;

3) Whether the position and the top rod itinerary of the injection machine is appropriate;

4) Whether the nozzle aperture and the radius of the sphere are matched with the size of the pouring pores and the groove of the spherical groove;

5) The position and pore diameter of the mold embryo should be matched with the corresponding snail holes on the mobile template of the injection molding machine and the fixed template.

When selecting molds in injection molding mold processing plants, you need to understand the technical requirements of plastic parts and its injection molding process to ensure the performance and reliability of plastic parts and injection molding molds. The rigidity is verified and calculated to ensure that the size of the front and rear molds and the support plate meets the needs of the mold structure.