The requirement of using the CNC precision machining

- 2021-11-05-

1. Precision machine tools must be strictly fixed by people and machines and remain relatively stable for a long time.

2. The operator(CNC precision machining) must pass the examination and hold the equipment operation certificate of the machine tool before operating the machine tool.

3. The operator(CNC precision machining) must be familiar with the structure, performance, processing specifications, operating procedures, methods and maintenance procedures of the machine tool.

4. The operator shall keep the machine tool and all accessories intact and in good condition, and be responsible for the technical state of the machine tool.

5. The tools used in precision machine tools must be standard and special.

6. The operator(CNC precision machining) shall keep the workshop clean and tidy without dust and chips, and shall not stack workpieces and objects irrelevant to the work. When cleaning the workshop, it is only allowed to use a mop instead of a broom.