Specification of operate the CNC precision machining

- 2021-11-05-

1. (CNC precision machining)Stick to the post, operate carefully, and don't do anything irrelevant to the work. When leaving the machine tool due to accidents, stop the machine and turn off the power and air source.

2. (CNC precision machining)Feed rate, cutting speed and linear speed of grinding wheel shall be selected according to the instructions. It is not allowed to arbitrarily increase the feed and cutting speed, and it is not allowed to arbitrarily increase the linear speed of the grinding wheel.

3.(CNC precision machining) It is absolutely forbidden to process embryo materials and rough machining on precision machine tools. High precision workpieces are not required, nor are they allowed to be processed on precision machine tools.

4. (CNC precision machining)Tools and workpieces shall be clamped correctly and fastened firmly. Only manual hoist can be used to load and unload heavy workpieces or fixtures. Alignment tools and workpieces are not allowed to be hit high, and they are not allowed to be fastened by lengthening the handle to increase the force.

5. (CNC precision machining)It is not allowed to install thimbles, cutting tools, tool sleeves, etc. that are inconsistent with their taper or hole diameter, and the surface is scratched and unclean in the taper hole of the machine tool spindle, taper hole of tailstock sleeve and other tool installation holes.

6. The mechanical speed change of the transmission and feeding mechanism, the clamping and adjustment of the tool and the workpiece, and the manual measurement between the working procedures of the workpiece shall be stopped after the cutting is terminated and the tool retreats from the workpiece.

7. During machining, the tool shall not stop until it leaves the workpiece.

8. The hair should be kept sharp. If it becomes blunt or cracked, it should be sharpened or replaced in time.

9. Except for throttle valve, other hydraulic valves of hydraulic system shall not be adjusted without permission.

10. Tools, workpieces and other sundries shall not be placed directly on the machine tool, especially on the guide rail surface and worktable.

11. Always remove the cuttings and oil stains on the machine tool and keep the machine tool clean.

12. Pay close attention to the operation and lubrication of the machine tool. In case of abnormal phenomena such as action failure, vibration, crawling, heating, noise, peculiar smell and grinding injury, stop the machine for inspection immediately and continue to work after troubleshooting.

13. In case of an accident, the machine tool shall be stopped immediately, the accident site shall be kept, and the accident shall be reported to relevant departments for analysis and treatment.