The radiator shovel teeth are processed like this!

- 2021-11-15-

The shovel tooth radiator is a radiator made by the spade-tooth process. 

The shovel tooth process is used to make the radiator and is mostly used for the heat dissipation of high-power parts. Because of its one-time molding, it does not lose the heat dissipation performance of the profile, reaching 100% of the original heat dissipation performance of the profile.

 In addition, it also has the characteristics of large size and high power, so it is widely used in high-power motors, mostly used in photovoltaic inverters, wind power converters, electric vehicle controllers, power battery packs and other large radiator components.

The shovel tooth radiator is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle parts, digital products, communications, medical treatment, optics, lighting, monitoring, photography, model cars, remote control aircraft, aerospace, instrumentation, electronic appliances.