The application of Industry 3.0 & Expect the arrival of Industry 4.0

- 2021-11-16-

Industry 3.0 is defined as electrical automation, which is what we are doing now. The automation equipment and non-standard equipment we are doing now are all just Industry 3.0. Take the following video as an example. The fully automated production line can reduces manpower and improves efficiency.

How far is Industry 3.0 from Industry 4.0? In fact, there is not much difference. In the final analysis, on the basis of 3.0, an Internet of things is added, which connects automation equipment with orders, materials, networks, and data. Waste, the easiest and most effective communication, reduce the middle part of the link, and realize the high efficiency and energy saving of industrial production. This is Industry 4.0. 

                                                    (The picture comes from Baijiahao/Play with Me Machinery)