Mr Lee General Manager Visted BYD

- 2022-01-10-

Our General Manager Mr Lee visited BYD Company Limited with Shenzhen Microwave Communication Technology Application Industry Association on Nov.18, 2021. 

At First, all participants visited the BYD exhibition hall. From this, the participants felt the development history and scientific and technological achievements of BYD, and expressed their shock. Patent wall, blade battery acupuncture experiment, concept car, smart rail transit, etc., let everyone more intuitively experience BYD's impressive strength.

BYD's Showroom

In the salon discussion session, Fubing Song deputy general manager of BYD's direct business department, gave a speech first, expressing a warm welcome to the association's arrival. 

As a veteran who has worked in BYD for more than 20 years, he said with deep experience that BYD can achieve such an achievement today, on the one hand, it is the focus on technology research and development, on the other hand, it is the forward-looking layout of the industry. 

Today, BYD has become a domestic and international leader in new energy vehicles, and it has also achieved impressive results in new energy, electronics, and rail transit. Today, BYD has become more open and inclusive, hoping to establish close cooperative relations with industry enterprises for common development. 

Then, the delegates at the conference made speeches one after another, introducing their respective advantages and the resources they can provide, and also looking forward to reaching cooperation opportunities with BYD and the industry enterprises of the association. In particular, several representatives of Taiwan compatriots who participated in the meeting expressed their admiration for BYD's scientific and technological power and hoped to reach in-depth cooperation with BYD.

Finally, BYD made a concluding speech on behalf of Xiaoyan Zhu and specifically mentioned that BYD has changed its new logo, indicating that BYD is more open and tolerant, and looks forward to a win-win cooperation with industry chain companies. 

After this visit, Mr Lee seriously considered the company's development strategy plan, We can provide our machined metal parts and plastic injection parts to the automotive industry such as Metal Precision Forging Auto Spare Parts and Plastic Injection Auto Parts . Hope that our company can have a deep and extensive cooperation with the automotive industry in the near future. We produce CNC precision machining parts, metal parts fabrication and plastic injection parts as below. 

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