How many do you know about the technical requirements for machining parts?

- 2021-11-30-

Machining is the abbreviation of mechanical processing, which refers to the processing technology of removing material through precise mechanical processing. The main work of machining is to realize the refined processing of raw materials through machine tools. Machining is divided into manual processing and numerical control processing according to different processing methods.Let us learn and understand together in the ocean of knowledge.

The requirements of Contour processing of parts are as following.

1. The unmarked shape tolerance should meet the requirements of GB1184-80.

2. The allowable deviation of the unmarked length dimension is ±0.5mm.

3. No fillet radius R5.

4. All unfilled chamfers are C2.

5. The sharp angle is obtuse.

6. The sharp edge is dull, and the burr and flash are removed.

The requirements of surface treatment of parts are as below. 

1. There should be no scratches, abrasions and other defects that damage the surface of the parts on the processing surface of the parts.

2. The surface of the processed thread is not allowed to have defects such as black skin, bumps, random buckles and burrs. Before painting the surface of all steel parts that need to be painted, rust, oxide scale, grease, dust, soil, salt and dirt must be removed.

3. Before removing rust, use organic solvents, lye, emulsifier, steam, etc. to remove grease and dirt on the surface of steel parts.

4. The time interval between the surface to be coated by shot blasting or manual derusting and the primer coating should not be more than 6h.

5. The surfaces of the riveting parts in contact with each other must be painted with anti-rust paint with a thickness of 30-40μm before connecting. The lap edges should be sealed with paint, putty or adhesive. The primer damaged by processing or welding must be repainted.

The requirements of Heat treatment of parts are as below.

1. After quenching and tempering, HRC50~55.

2. Medium carbon steel: 45 or 40Cr parts are subjected to high frequency quenching, tempered at 350~370℃, HRC40~45.

3. The carburizing depth is 0.3mm.

4. Carry out high temperature aging treatment.

The requirements of technical requirements for precision machining are as following.

1. The finished parts should not be placed directly on the ground when placed, and necessary support and protection measures should be taken.

2. The machined surface is not allowed to have defects such as rust, bumps and scratches that affect performance, life or appearance.

3. The surface processed by rolling shall not peel off after rolling.

4. There should be no oxide scale on the surface of the parts after heat treatment in the final process. Finished mating surfaces and tooth surfaces should not be annealed.

The requirements of sealing treatment of parts are as below.

1. All seals must be soaked in oil before assembling.

2. Strictly check and remove the sharp corners, burrs and foreign objects left during the processing of the parts before assembly. Ensure that the seal is not scratched when it is installed.

3. After bonding, remove the excess adhesive flowing out.

The requirements of Gear technical requirements are as following.

1. After the gear is assembled, the contact spots and backlash of the tooth surface should meet the requirements of GB10095 and GB11365.

2. The reference end surface of the gear (worm gear) and the shaft shoulder (or the end surface of the positioning sleeve) should fit together and cannot be checked with a 0.05mm feeler gauge. And should ensure the verticality requirements of the reference end face of the gear and the axis.

3. The joint surface of the gear box and the cover should be in good contact. 

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