General Manger Mr Lee Attend the casting Industrial Conference

- 2021-12-08-

The general manager of Sunbrihgt Mr Lee participated in the 18th National Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloy Academic Annual Conference & The 12th National Foundry Composite Materials Academic Conference at Nanchang Aeronautical University, Jiangxi Provice,China from Dec.,3,2021 to Dec.,6,2021. This is a grand ceremony of the foundry industry, gathering many Professors, scholars, and industry leaders gathered together to summarize the past of the foundry industry and look forward to the future development trend of new composite materials. The future is expected and there will be more opportunities and challenges.

Through the exchanges in the foundry industry, the general manager of Sunbrihgt Mr Lee not only met more friends in the industry, but also learned more about composite materials in the foundry industry. MR Lee will focus more on the development status and prospects of a new type of composite material, and combine it with the casting parts produced by Sunbright’s products,especially in casting parts. It is believed that there will be a better future with the co-creation under the background of the times. 

During this study, the general manager of Sunbright Mr Lee visited Nanchang Hangkong University accompanied by his friend and learned how to connect relevant resources. This is a pleasant industry learning and communication experience,which has been very rewarding

Casting parts processing is one of the advantages of Sunbright processing projectCasting Parts are parts produced by molten metal or other liquid materials poured into the designed mold cavity and solidified. Our Casting Parts are widely used in auto parts, aerospace parts, etc. You have any casting parts fabrication,Sunbirhgt is your best choice.  

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