A Trip To The Sunbright At The Factory in Huizhou

- 2021-12-23-

On December 18, 2021, all employees of Shenzhen Sunbright Technology Co.,Ltd. Visited and learned at the factory in Huizhou under the leadership of General Manager Mr Lee. Mr Lee requires every employee to understand the machining processing technology of our parts and  have a certain understanding of raw materials and surface treatment, so that we can use professional product knowledge to provide our customers with high-quality services and reasonable suggestions. 

Our group members arrived at the factory early in the morning. The chairman of the factory president Deng gave us a warm reception and introduced all the departments of the factory in an all-round way. He was very patient and took us to the sample room and pointed out where the parts we produced were in the finished product. Also president Deng took us through each workshop throughout the whole process, and introduced and explained while visiting. During the visit, you can ask questions about any unclear or doubtful points. President Deng gave very clear and careful answers. At the same time, after seeing the actual CNC processing technology, metal processing technology and plastic injection molding in the factory workshop, all the colleagues felt that the trip to the factory was a particularly rewarding day.

Thanks to the company for the arrangement of factory learning, not only gained the knowledge of mechanical processing, but also gave us more confidence and confidence to serve our customers, and also full of longing for the future of the machinery industry.