Manufacturing Characteristics of Modern Aviation Products

- 2022-01-11-

The fields involved in aircraft manufacturing technology include assembly, casting, forging, forming, machining, special processing, welding, heat treatment and surface treatment, process testing, etc. It is constantly developing with the progress of a country's science and technology. , the needs of society and market competition also promote the continuous update and development of aircraft manufacturing technology. 

Now let's summarize the manufacturing characteristics of modern aviation products as follows:

1.The product has high performance and precision. 

Due to the special use environment of aviation products, product performance requirements and reliability requirements are high, and special materials such as titanium alloys and composite materials are commonly used in product processing. At the same time, most aerospace parts have higher requirements for manufacturing and machining with complex geometric shapes, as well as higher measurement requirements.

2.Lightweight and large-scale products. 

Aerospace products such as engine compressor rotors, aircraft engine blades, integral cabin sections of aircraft, landing gear, casings and radomes use a large number of titanium alloys, high-strength materials and high-temperature alloys; at the same time, they are also widely used in aircraft fuselage and wings. Use composite materials. These materials are used in aviation design, which requires aircraft to have high strength and light weight at the same time; wing panels, beams, blisks and engine casings require integral structural processing, which reduces unnecessary connections and increases The overall rigidity of the part. The large-scale structural requirements of such parts are the requirements for the design and manufacture of large-scale aircraft and aerospace industry parts.

3.Product digitization and intelligent manufacturing process. 

Advanced manufacturing technologies such as digital design and manufacturing of aviation product parts, application of process CAPP and CAD/CAM software; application of flexible manufacturing FMS technology of Siemens' Teamcenter three-dimensional process software is also the direction of development; digital workshop management system based on CNC machining factory MES application . The design, manufacture and assembly of aerospace product parts and the coordination relationship between assembly and assembly require simple, accurate and coordinated, such as flexibility。

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