How to choose a standard modulus of injection mold processing plants

- 2022-02-15-

Plastic Injection Mould are customized due to different plastic products, but the injection mold structure has a lot of similar places, so in order to make more efficient manufacturing molds, the injection mold processing plant began to use some standard mold, in customized mold, injection mold processing plant It is only necessary to make different molding parts, which can impress different plastic products, greatly reduce the time of injection mold processing. So what questions should I pay attention to when the injection mold processing plant needs to pay attention to when choosing a standard germ?
First, the thickness of the moduli and injection molding machine is different for different types of injection molding machines, and the closed distance of the locking mechanism in different structural forms is also different.

Second, the injection molding trip and the spacing of the front and rear die and the dimensional relationship required for the top of the part needed, in the design, it must be clear, the model stroke should be greater than the spacing of the front and rear modes required to remove the plastic parts, and the top out of plastic The spacing required should be smaller than the rated outflow stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.