6 Advantages of 5-axis Compared to 3-axis CNC Machining Equipments

- 2022-03-04-

Do you know? What is the difference between three-axis CNC machining and five-axis CNC machining?

 We may only see the difference between 3 and 5 just by listening to the difference in numbers, so what is the difference between them at the machine level? Compared with three-axis CNC machining, what are the advantages of five-axis CNC machining equipment? Today, the editor of Sunbright will take you to take a look.

The difference is as below. 

Advantages 1 of five-axis CNC machining equipment is as following. 

Maintain the best drilling condition of CNC inserts and improve the drilling standard as shown in the figure below. The specific method of three-axis drilling is shown in the left figure. When the cutting tool moves to the top or the edge of the product workpiece, the drilling condition slowly decreases. Shenzhen CNC machining is actually a CNC machine tool. Some people in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas call it "CNC machining core". It is an intelligent CNC lathe equipped with an automatic program flow control system. 

(CNC machine tool) is a general term for electronic computer-controlled CNC lathe (Computer numerical control), which is an intelligent CNC lathe controlled by the system. The control system can logically solve the program flow required by the manipulation number or other marking commands, decode it according to the electronic computer, and then make the lathe move and process the parts. 

According to CNC blade drilling, the raw material is processed into semi-finished products, finished parts, etc. To maintain optimal drilling conditions here, too, the work frame must be rotated. And if we want to process an irregular plan in detail, we must turn the console several times in different directions. It can be seen that the CNC lathe can also prevent the angular velocity of the positioning point of the ball cage turning tool from being 0, and obtain a stronger surface quality.

Advantage 2 of five-axis CNC machining equipment: Reasonable prevention of CNC blade intervention!

For parts such as centrifugal impellers (turntables with moving blades), blade surfaces and overall blisks used in the aerospace industry, three-axis machinery and equipment cannot meet the processing technology requirements due to intervention. And five-axis CNC machining CNC lathes can be achieved. 

At the same time, cnc machining CNC lathes can also use shorter CNC blades for processing, improve system rigidity, maximize profits, reduce the total number of CNC blades, and prevent special-purpose milling cutters. For our business executives, it means that at the cost of CNC blades, five-axis CNC machining CNC lathes may give you a good deal!

Advantage 3 of five-axis CNC machining equipment: maximize profits, reduce the frequency of clamping, and perform five-sided processing with one clamping

As shown in the figure below, it can be seen that the five-axis CNC machine tool processing core can also maximize profits, reduce standard transformation, and improve processing precision (precision). CNC computer gong processing is an intelligent CNC lathe equipped with an automatic control system for program flow. 

The control system can logically solve the program flow with control number or other marking command requirements, and decode it, so as to make the lathe move and process the parts. Also known as CNC or numerical control lathe. 

In specific processing, only one clamping is required, and the processing precision is more easily ensured. At the same time, due to the reduction of the whole process chain and the reduction of the total number of machinery and equipment, the total number of fixtures, the total area of the production workshop and the maintenance cost of machinery and equipment are also reduced. This means that you can use less and less fixtures, less and less total factory area and maintenance costs for more efficient and high-quality processing!

Five-axis CNC machining equipment advantage 4: improve processing quality and high efficiency.

As shown in the figure below, the five-axis CNC machining CNC lathe can use CNC inserts for side edge drilling, and the processing efficiency is higher.

Five-axis CNC machining equipment advantage 5: reduce the entire manufacturing process chain, simplify enterprise production management

The detailed processing of five-axis CNC machine tools (feature: CNC lathes with automation technology) greatly shortens the entire process chain of production and manufacturing, which can simplify the production management and program production scheduling of enterprises. The more complex the product workpiece, the more obvious its superiority over the traditional manufacturing method with decentralized production process.

Five-axis CNC machining equipment advantage 6: reduce the development cycle time of new products

For enterprises in aerospace, vehicle and other fields, some new parts and forming molds (title: the mother of industrial production) are very complicated in appearance, and the precision (precision) requirements are also very high, so they have high flexibility, The five-axis CNC machine tool processing core with high precision, high integration and detailed processing ability can effectively solve the precision and cycle problems of complex parts processing in the whole process of new product development, greatly shorten the product development cycle time and improve new products. probability of success.

In general, five-axis cnc machining CNC lathes do have too many advantages, but five-axis CNC machining CNC lathes CNC blade attitude, CNC machine tools, CAM programming and post-processing processes are more complicated than three-axis CNC lathes a lot! 

At the same time, when you talk about five-axis CNC machining CNC lathes, you have to admit the problem of true and false five-axis. It is well known that the difference between true and false five-axis depends on the function of RTCP. 

How should it be used? Next, let's master the RTCP in detail by integrating the CNC lathe structure and the post-processing technology of programming to understand his true appearance. CNC machining finishing is usually carried out along the contour sequence of its parts. Therefore, the key point of clearing the cutting line is to clarify the roughing and empty stroke arrangement.