Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts

Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts

We supply Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts and manufacture high quality precision casting metal parts for different industries. We make various castings covering kinds of different metal materials such as steel, aluminum,copper etc. We provide professional metal casting technical guidance according to the material, size, shape, structure, application scenarios of the product design from the customer’s data, and recommend the most reasonable and valuable metal manufacturing process. Buyers can benefit from our professional recommend. Product quality is always the most important key points at our factory. That is make our products exported to many overseas countries such as the Untied State, France, Germany,Korea and Japan and so on.

Product Detail

Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts

1.Product Introduction

It’s important to note that die casting and machining can often work together to optimize the effectiveness of the product line. 

One advantage of using CNC machining is that it is better for low volume parts since no tooling cost is required. 

Die casting is the preferred option for a high volume of consistent reliable parts. 

Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts take close advantage of casting and CNC machining crafts together.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

The surface roughness is Ra 0.1-3.2.

CNC turning work range is φ0.5mm-φ150mm*300mm

CNC milling work range is 510mm*1020mm*500mm

3.Product Feature And Application

The advantages of casting include upper size without limit, large range of alloy choices, complicated parts are acceptable. 

Under casting and mechanical process of the Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts, we have competitive advantages in price, production volume and quality control.

The CNC Precision Machining parts are not only applicable to home application, but also widely use to high-tech fields such as Medical Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Aerospace Industry etc.

4.Product Details

These Precision Casting Machinery Hardware Parts are more suitable for mass production to save the raw materials and better surface finish by casting. 

We have the ability to undertake large-volume and complex-structure metal casting supplier, and face to the quality requirements and get the approval from the customers.

5.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

The package is standard exported package. All kinds of shipping ways can be used by express, by air and by sea. 

To get approval and satisfactory from our customers ,It is necessary for us to prompt delivery, careful shipping arrangement and continuous services.

We deeply implement the customer-oriented, quality-first business philosophy. 

We also implement the "Performance evaluation program" to continuously improve our technical capability, quality and management skill and service.


who are we?

Sunbright is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales of high-end products and precision components. Products are widely used in communications, precision instruments, medical equipment, high-speed trains, auto, aviation and other industries.

how can we guarantee quality?

The workshop and production mass are strictly control in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS 9100D certification standard. The pre-production sample confirmed before mass production, final Inspection before shipment.

what can you buy from us?

CNC precision Machining parts including CNC turning and CNC milling, Custom CNC parts, CNC auto spare parts, Die casting parts, forging parts, Injection mold,mould etc.

why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

We are experienced in customization for over 20 years. With the concept of "pragmatism", we provide customers with one-stop high-quality solutions from raw materials to process engineering and manufacturing. Products are widely used in communications, precision instruments, medical equipment, high-speed trains, auto, aviation and other industries.

what services can we provide?

We can provide CNC precision machining service, Sheet metal fabrication service, injection plastic mold service, some full products service of Beauty Care Tools and Top ornaments. 

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